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What are CEU’s And How Do I Get Them?


BNI is notorious for acronyms, and one of my favorites is the CEU, or “continuing education unit.” What exactly is it? When you joined, you might remember some discussion about how BNI is big on education and helping you improve your business, and giving you the resources and training you need to be more efficient at your business and networking.

BNI tracks and counts all that training in “units,” and if you go into the BNI Connect App, you can add a slip to get credit for CEU’s you’ve earned. One hour of “training” translates into one “CEU”.

So, listening to a few podcasts, reading a BNI or business improvement book, or attending a webinar or virtual training outside of the meeting are all great ways to rack up these points. BNI says we should average 1 hour per week.

I’ll be the first to admit….most of my CEU’s come from listening to the BNI podcasts or reading through and actively participating in this weekly newsletter (which counts as a CEU!)

But you can also get training online from BNI Business Builder (formerly known as BNI University), which houses videos, documents, and other resources that BNI HQ passes down to chapters. You can take training on your pc, or in an app for iOS and Android. If you don’t have this app or haven’t checked it out in a while, take a look at it, or go to (which shows the recent name change). Log in, and see the abundance of videos, documents, and resources that are there to help you get the most of your BNI membership.

SO – your challenge for today is to make sure you have the BNI Business Builder App installed on your phone/tablet (or make sure the website works with your login) and watch something to earn yourself a CEU this week.

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