Insights on BNI

The WHY of BNI Education


If anyone in the room owns a business with staff, you have likely experienced “leaky bucket” syndrome where we train our team only to find a few weeks later they’ve forgotten the training. We have to keep topping off the bucket!

Part of my role as Education Coordinator is to bring you BNI Education in small bite-size pieces each week so that we reinforce those ideas and are easy to digest.

BNI Mission Statement:

The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals.

BNI Core Values:

BNI is built on a set of guiding principles that form the foundation on which members interact, conduct themselves, and fulfill their goals. These are our BNI Core Values.

One of those core values is Lifelong Learning and that there is more to networking and BNI that you can use to your advantage that can’t be learned by just attending the weekly meeting. 

There are many learning and training resources available to you, like BNI Business Builder (formerly BNI University), the BNI Podcast, and BNI books that we can access and manage individually. While BNI offers these resources, you can read non-BNI business books and listen to non-BNI business podcasts too.

However, we also have the opportunity to use the BNI Education Moment, which is only 3 minutes long, to deepen and reinforce our BNI understanding each week as a chapter rather than as individuals. And as you all know, I send out a weekly email reinforcing what Jack, Ron, and I talk about in our education moments.

BNI tracks and counts all that training in “units,” and if you go into the BNI Connect App, you can add a slip to get credit for CEU’s you’ve earned. One hour of “training” translates into one “CEU.” You only need 1 CEU per week.

And that email I send out counts as 1 CEU. So launch the BNI Connect app right now, and log 1 CEU just for reading the email I sent yesterday. And remember to do that each and every week.

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