Six Steps To Get More Referrals From Your Network


Today I am going to share six proven steps to get more referrals from your network.

During the week, people all over the world attend BNI meetings to get and give referrals. But as it turns out, few members tap into the full potential of their BNI chapter. There is a system for generating business referrals, and you have to be willing to do the hard work it takes to get them. Here are six step-by-step instructions for helping people to help you.

Be Credible – This means people must trust you to be who you say you are and do what you say you will do. You have to build both personal and professional credibility with your chapter. Professionally, you might be the best at what you do, but if you don’t show up as your best self, you may lose credibility with your chapter. Be aware of your actions and the impact they have on your credibility in BNI. If you come late to the meeting, don’t contribute, make disruptive comments, or dress unprofessionally, you may lose credibility with your chapter. Take the time to build your personal and professional credibility for the people who will risk their reputations by referring you.

Share Knowledge – You must make it as easy as possible for the BNI members of your network to help you find your ideal clients. Let us know specifically who your ideal clients are and how we can recognize them.

Identify Need – What problem do you solve for your clients? How will we know when your ideal client is just looking for you or when they are ready to buy? What are the questions that your network can ask on your behalf to generate interest?

Receiving Referrals – How do you want your network to refer you? Should they just pass along your business card or write an email introduction. Teach your network how you want to receive referrals so that you can follow up on them quickly.

Give Referrals – The best way to generate more referrals for your business is to give referrals to your fellow network members and develop business for them. How you refer them is how they will, in return, refer you. If all you pass is a name and number (which equals a lead), you can count on them doing the same thing for you. Reciprocity is always at work. While you might not get a referral from that same person you referred, others will see that you are giving, and they will, in turn, give to you.

Thank People – Remember to thank people who send you referrals. If you want to generate more referrals, you have to recognize those doing the work for you. Call them, text them, or maybe even send a handwritten note. People want to be appreciated for helping you, and they remember when you have taken the time to do it.

Referrals take time to generate because it takes time to build trust and credibility and teach people what they need to know to refer. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to teach their network how to identify a great referral and develop it. It is a long process, but it’s very rewarding when you get a group of people helping you find your ideal clients.

Remember to get; you have to give.

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