Andy Brenits interviewed for IN-HOWse blog


I was interviewed on the HOW IN-HOWse designer blog by INvangelist Andy Epstein. To listen to the interviews, click the links below. You can read part one here and part two here.

The transcript of the entire interview is below.

In-house In-sights: Andy talks to Andy

With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, Andy understands how design can be used to increase – even drive –  profitability when used effectively and consistently.

Andy’s career began working on staff at small studios in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and then quickly assumed responsibilities in in-house teams at large corporations such as the National Football League, Banana Republic, and The Gap. In 1999 he struck out on his own as a design consultant, offering his expertise directly to businesses that understand the value design can bring to their continued success.

In 2007, he was selected to start up and manage the National Design, Proposal, and Production Services department for KPMG s Montvale, NJ corporate offices, where he manages a distributed group of design and production professionals.

In addition to his professional design work, Andy is the Professor of Design Management in the graduate Communications Design program at Pratt Institute and Vice President of InSource (, a trade resource for leaders of in-house creative teams.

Andy Brenits has worked on both sides of the in-house agency fence, been a part of teams in companies ranging from clothing to sports to finance, and still had enough time left over to teach at Pratt and sit on the board of InSource as its VP. He definitely has a few insights to share on in-house.

Andy shares his insights on in-house at both (as they say in the business world) the macro and micro levels.







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