IdeaStormSM Session

Pick My Brain

Take advantage of my 30 years of creative problem-solving experience.

An IdeaStorm session will help you develop, refine, and clarify strategies to grow your brand and business.

IdeasStorm sessions are designed specifically for business owners needing objective and creative insights to help develop, refine, and clarify strategies to grow their brand and business.

And we’ll do it in just one hour.

Some people take the ideas and run with them. Others want to continue brainstorming more often, such as bi-weekly or monthly sessions. It’s up to you and your specific needs.

What can you pick my brain about during our IdeaStorm session? session? It’s up to you. What are you struggling with right now?

  • We can brainstorm ideas for your branding and marketing.
  • We can develop a simple elevator speech.
  • We can brainstorm content marketing topics.
  • Bounce ideas off me for that new product or service you’ve been thinking about. I’ll give you objective, unbiased, practical advice to make it marketable.
  • Draft a killer elevator pitch or networking meeting commercial that describes your unique value.

How It Works

First: Schedule a 60-minute IdeaStormSM pick-my-brain session using the calendar below and get an hour of ideas and strategies you can act on immediately.

Then: We’ll meet for your session by videoconferencing to brainstorm solutions.

Next: If necessary, I will follow up with valuable resources related to the solutions we develop during our session.

Fee: $250 due at the time of scheduling.

Not sure if IdeaStorming is right for you?
Schedule a consultation, and we’ll figure it out together.