Free Event: Know your “it” Factor. Brand Workshop & Lunch and Learn.


Knowing what you stand for and what you want for your business places you on the road to total domination in your industry. We call it your “it” factor. You know what we are talking about. You can’t quite put your finger on what “it” is, but you know certain companies have “it.”

Apple has “it,” Coca-Cola has “it.” Microsoft has “it.” Nike has “it.” You have “It” too.

Join us for a brown-bag lunch and interactive workshop on Thursday, January 24th that will help each you figure out just what your own “It” is that makes your businesses so special. Moreover, once you know your “It,” you’ll be able to attract the right customers to your business.

This workshop will be led by Andy Brenits, Principal of Brenits Creative. If you have any questions about this lunch & learn please contact Andy Brenits at

BRiC Training Room | Tempe Public Library
3500 S. Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282

11:30 AM – Brown-Bag Lunch and open networking (you bring lunch, we’ll provide drinks and snacks).
12:00 PM – Workshop.
1:00 PM – Conclude.

Space is limited to 40 seats, so please register online to reserve your spot.

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